Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let it Snow!

We didn't get much, but it doesn't happen too often here in Safford so we had to get a picture of Paetyn in it since she has never seen it before.


2 months old and she already wants the big presents!

Here Paetyn is with all her wonderful gifts.

Her first experience with Santa was a good one, she didnt cry or anything.

A couple of family pictures that we took, one of them we used for our Christmas Card.

Christmas Decorations

*Note - Paetyn's stocking was filled weeks before Christmas.  Good thing 
she doesn't understand the concept of Santa yet.

Paetyn's Blessing

On 12/7 Paetyn was blessed.

What a doll!

These are most of the people that helped with the blessing.


This is our little family the day of the blessing.