Friday, April 3, 2009

Chris' birthday

Chris turned 24 on monday shh he's sensitive about the subject! well sunday night I went to wrap his presents and discovered we were basically out of wraping paper except a little bit of Christmas paper. I guess Chris used the last of it and I didn't kno so I had to get creative! I wraped One of his presents in tissue paper and the others in Christnmas paper oh well I guess the wraping doesn't matter it's whats inside or is it? Anyway I wrote all over his Truck windows sunday night so he would get all kinds of obnoxious people honking at him haha secretly i know he loved it. I got up early Monday to make him breakfast in bed and suprized him by making a avocado shake along with it. I heard him talking to some one about how good they were in brazil so I found a recipe online that I thought would be good and i guess I was right cuz he said it was just like the ones in brazil. Then that night we did a cook out with Chris' family and had cake and ice cream. All in all he said he had a good Birthday!

Work work work!

We have been so busy lately doning things around the house. We planted our garden a few weeks ago and are pround to say our plants are actually growing! Yay! we are so happy about this we feel some what sucessful since last year we didn't really get anything to grow. We planted corn, watermelon, carrots, cucumbers, chilies, and tomatoes! We also planted A peach and apple tree. Chris has been working so hard on our garden he even made a little irrigation system so watering the garden will be easier and now thanks to Brady its buried in the ground. Chris also built a chicken coop so we could get our little baby chicks. We are do all these things to trying to be self sufficient and it has been alot of fun along the way!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our big girl

Paetyn has been learning so much lately and I haven't posted about it so I figure it's time! First off Paetyn got her ears pierced. I have been waiting since the day she was born to get them done so i'm way excited to finally have them done. She had her 4 month appt and she weighed 16lbs 3oz she was 25 in long and her head was 43 1/4 that puts her in the 95th percentile for her head and weight and 75th for her length what a fatty huh? And that was a month ago! Since then she has learned to roll over and sit up, although the rolling over is only done when she feels like it she does sit up all the time! She has also started eating solids she eats pretty good except for green beans as you will see in the pics. We are excited to see all the new tricks she will learn in the next few months!