Monday, July 4, 2011

"The boy"

Pretty sure everyone already knows but we are expecting baby #2! We found out back in February that it's a little boy, Chris couldn't be more excited! He is frequently referred to as "my boy" or "the boy" it's like he's the coveted child:)haha! I wasn't to sure at first what we were going to do with a boy guess i've gotten used to Paetyn but i've gotten pretty excited too. I've been surprised at how many cute little boy things are out there that i didn't realize before. This next little spot is for journaling I plan on printing this and i want to be able to remember the things going on feel free to skip ahead it could get long. When I found out I was pregnant my first reaction was excitement and that lasted about 2 minutes then I worried how Paetyn would handle a baby or how I would handle 2 kids for that matter. Of course I was still excited, but now I not only have Paetyn to think of but a baby too. I still worry some guess thats just part of being a mother But am excited to see what the future holds. Pretty much ever since our first sonogram things have been a little crazy. At the first sonogram we found out that he has a single umbilical artery. Neither one of us had ever heard of that before and of coarse were nervous. Basically an umbilical cord is supposed to have 2 arteries and one vein and his only has 1 artery. They don't know why it happens or anything like that. We met with a specialist the next week and he was able to rule out some of the more serious things and said his heart look really good we just mainly needed to watch his growth now (it can cause babies to be small). Because of the artery I have to get ultra sounds more frequently to make sure everything is looking the way it should! At my 32 Week ultra sound the baby was huge and not proportioned with lots of extra fluid so they wanted me to do the extra diabetic testing and it came back completely normal. Then at my 36 week ultra sound he was weighing 8lbs and in the 96th percentile. From what I hear the ultra sound can be off + or - a pound so who knows but either way he is growing a lot! This whole experience has just made me realize more than ever that babies really are a miracle that somethings just can't be explained and that the lord is in charge! I know this little guy is pretty special he's already made a big scene and he's not even here yet:) I love him and know no matter what happens everything is going to be just fine. I only have a little more then 2 weeks left hopefully sooner but I cant wait to meet him.

profile picture

His little foot

proof he's a boy;)

My parents came through town on Thursday and begged to take Paetyn up north with them for a few days, I'm always hesitant to let her go, guess I'm kind of over protective of her. Anyway I gave in and decided it might be a fun thing for her to do before the baby comes and life gets a little more hectic. She has been playing with cousins, going to the rodeo, and honestly who knows what else! Any time I call she is having to much fun to even talk to me:( Guess she doesn't miss me like I miss her. This Picture is from yesterday morning Don't you just love her hair from the night before and the look on her face? I do! I miss her and can't wait for her to come home today!

I HATE this picture but it's the only one I have of being pregnant and I don't plan on taking Another one. This was at 36 weeks

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fishing,zoo and much more

Here i am once again months later updating our blog. I know I am really bad at this... Anyway here are a few of the things we have been up to over the past few months.

This was from memorial day weekend we met up with some friends at a splash pad

Every once in a while a dove gets into our chicken coop and can't get out,This last time chris thought it would be cool if Paetyn got to pet it. As you can tell she thinks its the coolest thing ever:)

Easter morning

This year i was really excited to color easter eggs with Paetyn because she is getting older and i figured she would really be into it. She had fun but was over the whole thing after doing a few eggs.

Chris' 26th Birthday! The day started with Breakfast in bed then of coarse he worked all day but later that night we had a family dinner out at his parents house.

Back in march we made A trip down to mesa for spring break. We did lots of shopping the zoo and just hanging out.

I bought these sunglasses for Paetyn while we were in mesa every time she wears them it makes me smile.

My Grandpa died a few moths back and this cowboy hat was his. I actually got it for the baby but for now Paetyn loves to wear it and I cant help but smile and think of him whenever I see her wearing it.

About a month ago we decided we would take Paetyn fishing she has never been before and figured it would be a fun little outing. It was so fun to watch her start by just dipping her toes in and work up to being covered by the water past her waist. I started to get a little worried at that point she didn't quite understand that is was just getting deeper and she doesn't know how to swim. Chris was finally able to catch a fish right before we were going to leave Paetyn thought it was so neat until the fish was close then she squealed and hid behind chris:)