Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let it Snow!

We didn't get much, but it doesn't happen too often here in Safford so we had to get a picture of Paetyn in it since she has never seen it before.


2 months old and she already wants the big presents!

Here Paetyn is with all her wonderful gifts.

Her first experience with Santa was a good one, she didnt cry or anything.

A couple of family pictures that we took, one of them we used for our Christmas Card.

Christmas Decorations

*Note - Paetyn's stocking was filled weeks before Christmas.  Good thing 
she doesn't understand the concept of Santa yet.

Paetyn's Blessing

On 12/7 Paetyn was blessed.

What a doll!

These are most of the people that helped with the blessing.


This is our little family the day of the blessing.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Growing up so fast!

Already?  I can't believe we are saying this already, but it is true.  She is almost four weeks old and she has changed so much.  These pictures was taken when she was only three weeks old and she is so strong.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Family picture

This is our first picture as a family after we got home with the baby on october 24th.

Happy Halloween

This is our first holiday together as a family!  We couldn't resist taking pictures of her in the pumpkin.  Isn't she the cutest?  our night consisted of ordering pizza, carving a pumpkin and waiting for the trick-or-treaters.  Things have been pretty good so far.  She is a pretty good baby and doesn't cry too much.  For the most part she is sleeping really good.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Paetyn Sophronia Goodman

She's finally here!  We can't believe we are parents now! We're to young for that, right?  Our beautiful daughter arrived here on October 22 at 12:23 p.m., 5 days late.  It was a lot of work for Teesha to get her here, but Teesha did great.  The contractions kicked in good around 7:30 p.m. on the 21st, so needless to say that we did not get any sleep.  The contractions started getting really bad around 2 a.m.  The nurse came to check her around 4 a.m. and as soon as Teesha heard the word seven she blurted out, "Can I get the epidural now?"  I've never seen her respond to something so quickly.  After that she was in a lot less pain.  She started to push hard aroung 11:30 and a little less than an hour later Paetyn was born.  She was 8 pounds 6 ounces and 20 inches long.  She has a pretty good size head, 37.5 cm, no wonder it was so hard for her to come out.  She is the cutest little thing.  We are so happy that she is finally here and we can acctually see her and hold her.  We should get to finally go home from the hospital tommorrow.  Teesha is excited to go home, but I think she is going to miss all the help of the nurses.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Summer comes to an end :(

Well, Chris never did get a complete summer because he still had some classes and work, but he wasn't as busy as he is going to be since he is starting the Business Administration program with NAU. I planned a suprise get away trip for me and Chris. I reserved a nice hotel room up in the mountains and figured out how to get Chris to bring his 4-wheeler without catching on to what was happening. He never found out that we were taking this trip for us until we were actually in the mountains. I planned a weekend full of activities that he loves to do like 4 wheeling, fishing, and we made a trip to the temple. He never had a clue and I wish that you could have seen his face when he found out that I had set up a whole weekend off from the stresses of life. Now that the summer is over life is busier than it ever has been since we've been married. Chris works full time, then he has class Monday until 7 and Thursday until 10, in between he has a ton of homework, and then he has his church calling. There never seems to be enough time now.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

7 more weeks!!!

As you can see by the picture, we will soon have a new addition to our little family, a little girl! She is due on Oct. 17th, but we wouldn't mind if she came a week or two early. We are so excited and Teesha is more than ready.