Sunday, February 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas!! We love the Christmas season when we are able to reflect on the birth of the Savior and all we have been blessed with.
We always spend Christmas at our own home we love being close to family so we can spend time with them but still do our own thing. This year we spent Christmas Eve at the Goodman's. We did the usual dinner cousin gift exchange and the white elephant for the adults it was so much fun. After that we did our own little tradition where we drive around looking at light it helps settle our kids down for the night.
Christmas morning was so fun, We had to wake the kids so we would have enough time before church. The kids each have a tree in their bedroom so, we started another tradition where they wake up to one small present under that tree! They both got a movie this year under their tree. It was so fun to see Paetyn be excited as she opened her presents. Of course Jaden could care less he was tired and just wanted to get back to his bed.
We had a Merry Christmas and hope you all did as well.

Christmas day after church

This was the kids' big gift

Paetyn with all her presents(didn't noticed her eyes were closed)

Jaden with his gifts ( he was tired and over all the picture taking)

Paetyn hugging Jaden after opening the present he gave her

Checking out their new ride:)

Christmas Eve opening presents from cousins

Christmas Eve Jaden

Christmas Eve Paetyn

Ward Christmas party. Paetyn loves the idea of santa and seeing him from a distance but when it comes to sitting on his lap not so much. just glad she warmed up to him by Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas