Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween 2011

THis Halloween chris was gone on a business trip to washington state so I decided Id take the kids to go visit my family. My family never gets to see the kids dressed up on Halloween so i figured this would be fun and probably the only time we get to do this. Paetyn has insisted for months that she wanted to be a butterfly so thats what she was this year and Jaden just wore his little skeleton pjs.
Its nice to be able to go visit family and have help with the kids. My little sister would get up and feed Jaden before leaving for school in the morning and my Dad LOVES babies which mean he took care of Jaden a lot(even when he was fussy) and my mom well she made all the meals and went with us to all the places we needed to go. It was fun but we were ready to come back home guess its true theres NO place like HOME!

chris and I went to a party a few days before Halloween

Paetyn turns 3

Paetyn had her 3rd birthday. I can't believe my little girl is 3 where has the time gone? She sure is a stubborn little thing but she has blessed our life so much and in so many ways. She is a GREAT big sister to Jaden and such a helper to me. She is Usually pretty grateful for things and is so easily pleased. She is smart some times a little to smart and can always make us laugh we Love her so much and are happy she is ours!
This year I decided we would do a little party for Paetyn and her cousins. It was a princess tea party. When the girls first got there they could choose a dress up then they got their hair done Then we did lunch and the tea party part, played pin the wings on tinker bell, had cup cakes and opened presents! It was a lot of fun Im so glad we did it. (the party was the day before her actual birthday)
Paetyn had a lot of cousins that traveled a ways so they could be there and we are so glad they did, it made it that much more fun and their moms were so much help to me. I have the best family on both sides

Paetyn said she wanted a Dora cake so this is what we made for her on her actual birthday

Birthday morning opening the gift Jaden got her

For her Birthday we went the the pumpkin patch with some cousins

Birthday breakfast

This is what we gave out for the kids to take home. I got the tea cups at the thrift store for 10cents the necklace bracelet and wand on clearance at Walmart then just added some candy

opening presents at her party

blowing out the candle on her cupcake

playing pin the wings on tinker bell

having lunch

everyone all dressed up

Getting their hair done. My sister in law amy is the best she was so much help

blowing out her candle

All ready to party

Fair Time 2011

Every Oct. we have our little county fair and every year chris has had to have a booth there for work. This year they decided not to do a booth which mad it so much nicer for us we were able to go and just have a good time. All the pictures are of Paetyn, Jaden just rode the stroller maybe next year he will be big enough to ride some rides!

This was a little roller coaster for kids! Paetyn had a ball on it she is such a little dare devil and that makes for one proud daddy:)

I swear every time this ride would fling her around the corner my heart would stop i thought she was going to get thrown out! of coarse she wasn't concerned one bit she was just cracking up.

little train ride

the mirror maze we thought she run into them all kinds but no she did really good she just wanted to get the top to go down the slide.

Jaden's blessing

We blessed Jaden on Sunday September 4th. Most of our family was able to make it for the special day. We Just bought a house and started moving the monday prior to the blessing day. Let me just say moving with a new baby and trying to get it all done in a matter of a few day so super stressful! But we were able to get everything in its place before people started arriving for the blessing.(I'll have to post about the move later) Chris did a great job as usual on the blessing. It was such a good sacrament meeting and the spirit was so strong. It was just one of those days thats sort of like heaven on earth and being able t remember whats REALLY important in life.

Some of the people that came

in his blessing outfit

in Chris' baby blessing outfit it was a little small;)

our little family