Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow and a haircut

This first picture has nothing to do with the post but i just love it!

I've been wanting to cut Paetyn's hair for a long time now but have been putting it off. Finally a couple weeks ago I decided the mullet could no longer be hidden and had to go:)

This is the after Picture

Before (1st haircut)

Chris' family did pictures a little while back and this is one i was able to get of Paetyn

Last Saturday we went up to the mountain to play in the snow! It was so windy and actually snowing so we didn't stay out long! Paetyn and Chris had a ball and I had fun Messing around with the different settings on my new camera.

Paetyn makes Chris so proud she is such a dare devil. Chris just can't wait until she is old enough to go with him on roller coasters.

She just kept saying,"again"

Love these Two

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday, Christmas and everything in between

well here I am once again trying to get all caught up on my blog. yet im starting to realize that is probably never going to happen. anyway I guess i will start with Paetyn's birthday ya i know it was over 3 months ago.
What can i say about my Paetyn girl? the last 2 years have gone by so fast and i can't believe how much this little girl has blessed our lives. She can always bring a smile to your face even when your feeling down. she has way more attitude than any 2 yr old should and some days i'm not quiet sure what to do with all that attitude and stubbornness:) Paetyn we love you and are so happy you are a part of our family. The day started with waking Paetyn up to us singing happy birthday she had the biggest smile on her face!(she loves the attention) She was even more excited when she saw the house was all decorated for her. she opened presents had breakfast, went to mc Donalds for lunch followed by the park, then had a little family party later that night.

opening presents

playing on her power wheels. it was so funny to watch her try to figure out how to steer this thing

family party! I made her a fufa cake(character from yo gaba gaba, a show she loves) she was pretty excited to have a fufa cake all to herself!

THis was the fair. chris has a booth there every year. Paetyn was actually big enough to ride some of the rides this year but none of those pictures turned out to good. So this is the only ride me and chris went on it was fun but not worth the money!

In late Oct we went and stayed with some friends and did some fun stuff. We went to the zoo, the pumpkin patch and just hung out

pumpkin patch

Paetyn got her face painted at the beauty school for Halloween

love those curls

Cutes pirate i've ever seen

Finally, Christmas it was so fun this year Paetyn was old enough to be excited and some what understand!

She loved her karaoke machine

getting her stocking

she loved the idea of santa until he was up close then she wanted nothing to do with him

Christmas eve

Chris' Christmas gift(tv)