Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Summer comes to an end :(

Well, Chris never did get a complete summer because he still had some classes and work, but he wasn't as busy as he is going to be since he is starting the Business Administration program with NAU. I planned a suprise get away trip for me and Chris. I reserved a nice hotel room up in the mountains and figured out how to get Chris to bring his 4-wheeler without catching on to what was happening. He never found out that we were taking this trip for us until we were actually in the mountains. I planned a weekend full of activities that he loves to do like 4 wheeling, fishing, and we made a trip to the temple. He never had a clue and I wish that you could have seen his face when he found out that I had set up a whole weekend off from the stresses of life. Now that the summer is over life is busier than it ever has been since we've been married. Chris works full time, then he has class Monday until 7 and Thursday until 10, in between he has a ton of homework, and then he has his church calling. There never seems to be enough time now.