Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

This was our third Valentines day together and we are trying to be more frugal so we set a $25 limit.  Well Teesha did pretty well with the limit, but she did go over, so she labeled part of it with Paetyn's name to get by.  Teesha's gift took her forever to make, but it was awsome and very thoughtful.  Chris' sister was in California the day before Valentines Day and she text him a picture of a coach purse and asked if Chris had already gotten a gift.  Well originally Chris said he didn't want to buy one because it was way over the limit, but turns out the Coach Factory sale was having an awsome sale and the deal was unbeatable.  So, needless to say Chris went over the limit, but got this purse for less than $100 which is a steal.  We hired a babysitter and went to dinner and a movie together.

Teesha is Legal

It is official Teesha is 21 years old now.  Holy Crap!!  We rented a hotel room in Mesa for a couple nights and Teesha was able to fulfill one of her life long dreams, to swim on her birthday.  Good thing the pool was heated.  For her birthday we had dinner at Texas Roadhouse and desert from the Cheesecake factory.  To top of the desert we were selected by them to do a survey and in return we got a gift card.  Lauren was nice enough to babysit Paetyn for the afternoon so that we could do all this stuff without having to worry about a crying baby.  For her birthday she got a Snowboard, bindings, and boots.  She was suprised to see her board because she never saw it in the car when Chris picked her up at her parents.  Well, turns out Chris had snuck down early and checked into the hotel and hid the board under the bed.

Paetyn and her new little cousins

As you can see our little baby just doesn't seem to be so little any more, at least when she is with her new twin cousins, Waylon and Whitley.  This is two days after they finally got to come home from the hospital and they are so small.  Paetyn was having the best time in the wagon having two of her Aunts haul her aroung, but when the twins joined her she wasn't so sure what to think about it.