Sunday, October 3, 2010

mini vacation/ more happenings

Here i am updating again i know i'm shocked myself. Hopefully this post isn't to confusing the pictures are kind of out of order but better than noting right? anyway these are some more of our recent happenings.

About a month ago our little family took a mini vacation down to chandler it was nice to get away and just be able to do a few fun things together. We went to Cabela's of coarse Chris and Paetyn both loved it and i didn't mind it to much either. Then later that day we went to the Bounce Jungle with Waylon and Whitley; that wore the kids out pretty good and us to i played just as hard as the kids. I had originally planned for us to go to the pet store then Chris found a place he thought would be fun so we went to the bird store instead. We had so much fun just being together as a family we will have to do it again sometime soon.

A couple weekends ago we decided to go up to the catwalk. Amy and Lexi came with us too. It was fun but we decide next time we need to go without the wasn't very stroller friendly.



This is what happens when a 2 yr old doesn't get her nap

Bird store; chris failed to tell me they weren't in cages so as we approach the door and I hear the squealing i freak and tell Chris and Paetyn to have a good time i'll be waiting outside whenever they get done. After some serious convincing I say ill go in only if chris holds my hand the whole time. It took awhile but i warmed up to the birds also.

Feeding the bird

kid at heart

Bounce Jungle

on the big slide with dad


Fish aquarium at Cabela's


Labor day flying a kite at the park

attempting to potty training has begun

First black eye (walked in front of the swing)

Helping Daddy wash the truck

She thinks the treadmill is the funniest thing so i turned it was down and let her walk on it. she got tired fast and slowly fell off the back.


Around the beginning of the summer Paetyn learned to climb out of her crib. Unfortunately I was the one that taught her by accident. anyway since it's impossible to contain her anymore we just moved her to the big bed. :( She's growing up so fast.