Sunday, September 26, 2010

The last 6 months

I'm terrible at the whole blogging thing obviously; its been FOREVER since the last post. So much has happened in the last 6 months: graduation, vacation, new job, lots more time at home, our anniversary, grad school...just to name a few. once again this post will mainly be pictures to bring everyone up to date on what we've been doing. i hope to keep it more up to date from here on out HOPE being the key word:)

playing with daddy's work stuff

my personal maid

our anniversary 3yrs down forever to go

I saved all my tips at school and a bunch of other money to buy this for chris for graduation/anniversary. He was so surprised

we took a cruise for our graduations/anniversary with our friends the Gardners it was so fun

Ensenada, Mexico(cruise)

I graduated Cosmo School Hallelujah!!! 1600 plus hours were spent there although i'm so glad i did it i'm super glad to be done. Special thanks to my awesome mother in law who kept Paetyn all those hours.

Chris received his associates(E.A.) and Bachelors(NAU) in the mail on the same day. HaHa. After he opened them i asked him if he felt smarter now that he had the papers he said ya. lol Way to go babe we are so proud of you.

Paetyn playing with her cousins Waylon and Whitley

mother's day with my baby

first time bowling

4Th of July parade

cool editing i can do with my ipad

So there you have it! Chris was accepted to ASU and UOW for his masters program after a lot of thought and prayer he decided on UOW. He gets up and does school before work then works all day and comes home to more school at night. He works so hard for our family and me and Paetyn sure appreciate it. I just got a job working at a salon 3 afternoons a week so i'm still able to stay at home with Paetyn the majority of the time. And Paetyn, well she's almost 2 but I'm pretty sure she's been in the terrible 2's for months now(must be that Goodman blood haha) but she sure is the light of our lives and such a cutie.