Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Is it possible to do a whole year in one post?  I'm going to try!  Here is the VERY condensed version of 2012.  Someday I might be a good blogger;)

                                         March 30,2012 Chris' birthday, sky diving certificate

                                                                  Easter 2012

                                        May 2012 Chris got his Masters, so proud of this guy

                                                 May 2012 family vacation to Cali

                               May 2012 Paetyn Loved Disneyland, she got out and started dancing to the music    as soon as we got there

                                                        5th Anniversary

                                        Paetyn in time out playing with bud under the door

                                                        May 2012 Disneyland

                                                            Disneyland 2012

                                                 Fathers Day 2012 we love this guy

                                                             4th of July

                                                                Jaden's 1st birthday

                                                      Paetyn started preschool August 2012

Six flags August 2012

                                                 Pumpkin patch October 2012

                                          Paetyn's 4th birthday Chris had to go on a long truck run that day so he Face                       timed us to sing happy birthday
                                                        Her doll house she got

                                                                Tangled CAke

                                                               Halloween 2012

                                                    Family pictures Nov 2012

                                              Bass pro at christmas time

                                          Christmas eve at Grandmas, she was still a little unsure of santa

                                                              Jaden HATED santa

                                                         Christmas morning 2012

                                                      Santa brought them a play house! (my dad did most of it and helped so much even though it was last minute)
 That sums up all the major events from 2012, we had a great year and we so blessed:) Now on to the first half of 2013

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