Tuesday, July 9, 2013

January 2013- now

In January we were able to sell our Duplex, this was a HUGE relief and such a blessing 

                                          my 25th Birthday, I feel super old

                                                                 Church time

                                      I took pictures of Paetyn in my wedding dress, she was in heaven

                                                        Decorating Easter eggs at Grandmas
                                                         Chris' 28th Birthday

                                   He got all the accessories he needed to be able to shoot his bow

                                         We did a glow in the dark egg hunt. Paetyn invited her little friend Gabby, It was a lot of fun and we will def make it a tradition

                                             Easter morning, Love these Two

                                                                Easter Baskets

                                        This Happened Easter Sunday during nursery although this pic does not do the real thing Justice. We heard a couple different stories but basically Jaden fell and hit his head on one of those little wooden seats and when he stood up blood was gushing out his head. I work in primary and heard some horrible screaming and wondered who that was(it sounded nothing like Jaden.) A few min later I went to ask chris a question (he is usually in the clerks office just down the hall from primary and nursery) I couldn't find chris so I started back for the primary room but decided to peek threw the window at Jaden, I couldn't find him either. One of the teachers opened the door to tell me he fell and some guy took him; I honestly wasn't worried in the least bit he literally is always getting beat up. I walked around looking for him when I ran into another nursery teacher she told me they were in the mens bathroom and kept trying to get me to go in there. I kept thinking I'm not going in the mens bathroom thats weird, clearly I still wasn't worried. Finally I walked in and saw blood all over him his face and 3 grown men! ya, I freaked! Thank goodness for the nurse and PA in our ward who handled it all and took good care of him! we ended up doing super glue that way we could avoid the numbing shot. It has healed super good

                              Paetyn was in EA's children's Theater, they preformed "the little mermaid"

                                               She was in the lagoon animal group, she decided to be a frog

                                            We camped up on mt Graham over memorial day It was fun and the kids had a blast getting Dirty

                                            we drove up to the lake on the top of the mt to fish, Paetyn had to ride in the back

                                                Fathers day 2013

                                            Camping again this time at Sherwood forest

                                                      Chris teaching Paetyn to fish

                                            Jaden is the Biggest animal lover there is

                                                      4th of July
Now that I'm all caught up Hopefully I can stay that way and do more in-depth posts:)


Nathan & Jennifer Lundstrom said...

I'm so glad to catch up with your family, it's been a while, maybe you should post more often then every 18 months? :)

Collins Family said...

So happy for you guys that you sold the duplex! But a little sad too :) Such good times! :) Miss you guys and love seeing the updates!