Monday, August 5, 2013

Jaden Turns 2


      I know I say this every time one of my kids has a birthday, but I cant believe my baby is 2! Jaden Loved all the attention he got on his Birthday! We Just did a couple of Little things we thought he'd like; the park, the pool, And the usual cake and Ice cream. He still talks as little as possible (guess its his way of controlling things) But he Is the Cutest, Sweetest (when he wants to be), Craziest, Wild  Two year old there is! We love this little guy and are Happy he is ours!

                                                  Waking up to us singing to him

                                                          monkey Buns for Breakfast
                                                        Opening the gift Sister got him

                            Dad reading him the card Paetyn got him. These 2 are such Buds

                                  Seriously the BEST dad, he frosted the cake on his lunch break

                                                         Opening more presents

                                                   New Sheets for his big boy bed

                                                              Landscaping set

                    His cake, it turned out so good! I got the pan for a couple dollars at the thrift store a couple years back.

                              I love this sweet boy of mine, even when he goes about wreaking havoc

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Collins Family said...

Yes Chris did a great job cake decorating! I think it's time for you guys to have another little one since your baby is 2! :)