Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Paetyn's preschool

I cant believe summer is over already, and not only has school started but it has been in for 5 weeks.
We decided to do a co op preschool again this year since it worked really well last year for us. Paetyn had saved her money to spend when we went out of town over the summer, this skirt is one of the things she spent hr money on. The night before school I made the mistake of letting Paetyn stay up late(chris was out of town on business) by the time I was getting her to bed I remembered we needed to get her outfit out. She insisted she needed to were her red cowgirl boots with her outfit. I tried to explain to her they didn't match and maybe she should wear flip flops. She went on and on about how "the boys" would say Paetyn you don't look cute since your not wearing your boots.(thank heavens she's not the only girl this year) She even did a song and dance trying to connivence me(if I ever figure out how to work this thing I'll upload it) I told her,"to just sleep on it and see what she thought in the morning." I painted her finger nails and toe nails and she suddenly decided she wanted to wear her flip flops because "the boys" would say," Paetyn you look so pretty with your nails painted." I dont know what to do with this child but we sure love her.  

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